Location 〒107-0052
WIND AKASAKA Building 6F, 2-14-31 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital stock 5,000,000 yen
Founding June 2020
Representative Director Masahiro Honda
Main banks Mitsubishi UFJ Bank/Shonan Shinkin Bank
Main customers Jupiter Corporation, Shop Channel, MAKUAKE Corporation, Dinos Corporation, Kakaigaho Corporation, Campfire Corporation, INGIEGOGO INC USA, Rentrax Corporation, SwedishPosture Sweden, BalanceCode Korea, Human I Korea


Location 〒236-0043
Daikoku Building 3F, 2-15-12 Rokuuraminami, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Capital stock 3,000,000 yen
Founding Dec. 2004
Representative Director Masahiro Honda
Main banks Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Kanagawa Shinkin Bank
Main customers Japan Olympic Committee, Japan Skating Federation, NPB Japan Professional Baseball Organization, Teiken Gym, Oimachi Medical Clinic

Representative Profile

Director, Akasaka Genki-do Clinic
M.H.WORLD INC Representative Director: Masahiro Honda



Trainer, Japan Olympic Committee
Trainer, Japan Skating Federation

When he was a high school student, he doubled his body weight in one year through weight training, and became interested in the wonders of the body. While studying architecture at university, he immersed himself in Kyokushin Karate and training.
After graduating from university, he worked as a sports trainer, at an osteopathic clinic, a chiropractic clinic, an orthopedic clinic, and as an apprentice to a famous chiropractor. In 1998, he opened Akasaka Genki-do in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Established his own bodywork technique “JP Balance Therapy” and published the book “Optimizing the Body with Joint Force” and DVD “JP Balance Therapy”. He spends 1/3 of his time in Okinawa and travels overseas every two months to look for imported products.

Sports Training, Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Bicycle (bicycle race), Athletics Hobbies Surfing, outdoor activities, fishing (in my hometown Kamakura and Hayama), cooking, wandering the world (mainly in tropical countries), visiting delicious foods, reading

Staff Profiles

Here’s what Akasaka Genki-do is all about! Meet our unique and hospitable staff.




We will do our best to improve the situation as soon as possible.
I work at both the Akasaka main clinic and the Shibuya clinic!

Director, Shibuya Clinic
Responsible for technical education at Akasaka Main Clinic
Obtained all skeletal correction qualifications

birthplace Okayama
Hobbies Martial arts (active), watching movies, wandering the world

After graduating from university, he moved to the United States by himself. After graduating from college, he moved to the U.S. by himself, and while learning the language, set out on a journey to find his life’s work. A few years later, he found his answer. “After returning to Japan, he resumed the martial arts he had been practicing for many years and spent his time learning various healing techniques. After returning to Japan, he resumed martial arts, which he had been doing for many years, and spent his time learning various therapeutic techniques. In order to acquire the essence of therapeutic techniques as quickly as possible, he learned them all as an apprentice. He joined our clinic in this style. He has mastered all the techniques related to joints. Just by looking at a person’s body for a moment, he can detect what is wrong with the person, fix it, and instantly give accurate advice on how to prevent recurrence. He is called “the hand of God” because of the perfect sequence of his techniques. He also teaches the techniques at the main clinic in Akasaka, conveying the “essence” of his work. With his skill and friendly personality, he has a repeat customer rate of more than 90%, and has many famous people as clients, including some of the biggest names in the Kabuki world.




I’m here to help you with your stiff shoulders and any other physical problems you may have.

deputy director
National Qualification Acupuncture and Moxibustion Massage Therapist

Birthplace Osaka
Hobbies Rugby (temporarily at the world level)
Guitar, outdoor activities, English conversation

After graduating from university, he worked for several major companies, including Recruit, to advance his career. In between, he went to England to study language, played for a prestigious British rugby team for several seasons, and went to many other countries to learn the language and experience the culture. After returning to Japan, he began training in acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and obtained a license to practice. He joined our clinic to broaden the scope of treatment. He became addicted to the depth of joint treatment, and was able to acquire skills at a rapid pace while maintaining a stoic routine. In particular, he has a considerable amount of academic knowledge about stiff shoulders and neck, and has achieved a considerable level of results. He has never had a physical injury, and has many clients due to his strong appearance, gentle personality, sense of security, and excellent techniques. For some reason, she is extremely popular among women over 40.




We can take care of all your physical ailments and beauty correction. I also have a wealth of knowledge about training and dieting.

deputy director
National Qualification Judo Rehabilitation Instructor

birthplace Hiroshima
Hobbies Tennis (national level), recently immersed in training

“I’m going to revolutionize this treatment industry! These are the words he chants every morning as he starts his day. After graduating from high school, he entered the Faculty of Pharmacy, but suddenly had doubts. “I want to work in a more fundamental way, not with drugs. She dropped out of school immediately and started her career in natural medicine. While attending a school for judo therapists, he studied various techniques and mastered them all. Then one day, he heard a rumor that there was an osteopathic school where students came from all over the country to study, and learned about our company. He immediately took the “Seishun 18 Ticket” from Hiroshima to go for an interview and decided to join the company. He also obtained a license as a judo therapist (he was the best student for three years from the time he entered the school to the time he graduated, and received the Best Director’s Award at the graduation ceremony), and lives a stoic life. He has a habit of saying things like, “Leave it to me,” and “There must be a higher level. You can’t go on like this. His top-notch sense of style has won him many fans, and he is becoming a leader in the treatment industry in the future.




Leave it to us for acupuncture as well as osteopathy!

National Qualification Acupuncturist

Birthplace Tokyo

She was on the path to becoming a top-notch esthetician, but “esthetics is just the surface. I want to be able to heal more.” Suddenly, she became interested in treating joints. With her unique advice on acupuncture, moxibustion, and nutrition, she has become a top-notch therapist.




I’m applying the bodywork I mastered at Akasaka Genki-do to beauty treatments such as leg slimming.


Birthplace Kanagawa

After working as a top chef and a technical instructor at a major treatment center, he joined our clinic. He grew rapidly by acquiring a wide range of treatment know-how in addition to his original technical skills. He has become a must-book therapist. He adjusts joints with a delicate touch, just as he did when he was a chef.




I am good at all therapeutic systems, especially care for athletes.


Birthplace Kagawa

As a student, she was passionate about softball and made a name for herself. Later, he mastered esthetics. After that, she mastered esthetics, but decided to pursue the path of the pelvis for more fundamental improvements. He has been evolving every day, replacing the white ball with the pelvis. With her dexterity, attention to detail, and spiritedness, her popularity and ability are rapidly increasing. She specializes in cosmetic correction based on a deep understanding of spinal column biomechanics.




I’m taking it easy in Okinawa. I am expanding the circle of osteopathy in Ryukyu.


Birthplace Okinawa
Hobbies Reading, Karaoke, Driving, Movies
Snowboarding, Massage

She grew up leisurely in Okinawa. Suddenly, however, she decided to leave the island, saying, “This is no time for me to be relaxing here. I’m going to compete in Tokyo,” and decided to leave the island. She landed in Nagoya because she didn’t feel comfortable in Tokyo. She began studying design, which she had always been interested in. I got a job and was doing a good amount of work, but I felt like I was missing something… At the time, I was working at an osteopathic clinic, so I started studying osteopathic techniques with a light heart. As time went on, I became more and more interested in it, and before I knew it, I was working at an osteopathic clinic. A few years later, he began to gain a lot of support and became number one in terms of appointment rates. Now it was time to compete in Tokyo! That’s why she joined our clinic. She has been supported by many clients because of the gap between her pouting appearance and her powerful treatment that heals well.




I am doing my best, struggling with my disease every day.

National Qualification Acupuncturist

Birthplace Chiba
Hobbies Flower arranging, traveling, eating, and mikokashugi

As a student, he competed in skiing and got to the top. After graduating from university, he joined a major travel agency. After graduating from university, he worked for a major travel agency, and while traveling around the world and experiencing various values, he found his life’s work. He found his life’s work by traveling the world and experiencing various values. To heal the body.” With this awakening, she immediately quit her job and became an acupuncturist. After obtaining a license, she began to provide care at a major beauty institute. Then she had a question. “A sudden encounter with the skeletal correction of our clinic gave her the idea that this was it, and she immediately changed jobs. Since then, she has had many clients and has appeared on TV to expand her activities.




There is no end to the training of a healer. I devote myself to it every day like a monk in training.

National Qualification Judo Rehabilitation Instructor

Birthplace Kanagawa
Hobbies Swimming, Piano, Aromatherapy, Cleaning

As a student, he spent most of his time doing judo. After graduating from a top university, he joined a top trading company. After graduating from a top-notch university, he joined a top-notch trading company and worked his way up the ladder. Suddenly, however, he asked himself, “Can I continue to be a salaryman? “I have a different talent…” and entered the field of joint therapy. He also obtained a license as a judo therapist, and now his skills have improved to the level of an expert, and he has many famous people from various fields as clients. He is fond of saying things like, “I have spirit” and “I’m not like this! and many others.




I am good at all therapeutic systems, especially care for athletes.

National Qualification Judo Rehabilitation Instructor

Birthplace Fukuoka
Hobbies Training and anatomy study

If you are a martial arts fan, you may have heard of him. If you’re a martial arts fan, you’ve probably heard of him, and you can find out more by searching his name. In this profile picture, he doesn’t move a muscle. However, when you talk to him, you can see that he is soft-spoken, humble, and the kindest man in the clinic. From a young age, he trained his body in judo and learned various martial arts. After a fierce battle in Las Vegas, he woke up in the morning with a message in his head: “This time, I will take on the world in the field of healing. After that, I studied to become a nationally certified judo therapist, and at the same time, I was exposed to a variety of therapeutic techniques. Since my tongue (senses) had been enriched by being exposed to treatments from around the world while practicing, it was difficult for me to come into contact with treatments that I was satisfied with. One day, however, he was introduced to the treatment methods of this clinic by a friend and was shocked to learn that “this is it! A person who has mastered one path can learn anything quickly and quickly establishes an unshakable position in Genki-do.